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Moving PictureS


A human experience without speaking a single word

We want your video to put you in a trance like a dream....or a flashback. Moving pictures with music and ambient sound ushers an emotional escape. 

Our Process

No paparazzi up in here. No obnoxious video gear. One videographer is all that's needed and Emily is a relaxed cat with a positive spirit. She'll direct you into a great frame or the perfect light when she sees it but will never ask you to re-create a moment or fake laugh with your wedding party. 

During the editing process, we choose the layers of ambient sound and music to compliment the mood of your wedding day. Could be wild, could be moody and chill. Could be both. We never know until we get there but our collaborative goal is to deliver a video that makes you feel the day all over again. Music plays a huge role in this and can make or break your film so we ask that you trust and leave this to us. We promise to not lace it with Top 40 wedding music or with a song that is lyrically inappropriate. 

The visual tones we use are warm with film like elements such as grain, low contrast, and not overexposed. We want your film to compliment your photos taken by Chellise, Mike, or Falcon. 

Introduction Price: $3400

** price goes up to $4000 on June 1st 2018 **

  • Up to 9 hours of wedding day coverage with Emily. 
  • 3-4 minute video delivered via download (hi-res + web size) 2 months after your wedding alongside your photographs.

Add Ons

  • One minute teaser delivered one month after your wedding. (intended for social media) - $500
  • Unedited Vows (mic included) - $250 - delivered separately.
  • Unedited Speeches (mic included) - $350 - delivered separately.
  • Travel fees outside of NYC - starting at $150 
  • Additional Coverage - $500 p/h

What Else?


Who is Emily and how long has she been shooting video? She has been shooting video + photo for 10 years and joined us in 2018. Her style is non-obtrusive, documentary, and romantic. The moving, give you all the feels kinda stuff. A musician herself, she knows the important role sound and music will play in creating videos. Her work has taken her all over the world including Ecuador, the Caribbean, London, Italy, Russia to name a few. She has created content for brands such as Guess, LuluLemon, Skinny Girl Margarita, and more. 

Can we meet her prior to booking?  We normally don’t have our clients meet up with her, but if you feel more comfortable meeting, we can make it happen. 

How can we look good on video?  Will she direct us?  Collaboration baby! Emily isn't the kind of videographer that "follows the photographers lead" as most do. She's a documentary videographer most of the day, but when it's time to bring you two together for video, she gives direction. All she needs from you is movement and a willingness to be filmed. Smile, sway, dance, interact and hold each other. 

Will there be drone footage?  Drones are cool if you can't see or hear them. Emily likes to include this type of footage if its legal and appropriate. She typically gets her drone on before the wedding starts so it won't be landing in a guest's cocktail or interrupting your ceremony like a freaky cyber-spider. 

Does you use lighting?  Yes, for video we use small LED lights for dark venues and dance floors but for the most part, we're fans of using ambient light. 

Can we have input on the music + editing process?  Just as our photography, the post-production is in our hands, that's why you pay us the big bucks! But don't fret, we will be asking you for a Spotify playlist to feel you out. We also send a questionnaire 30 days out that will touch on music. For example: "If you were going to live on a stranded island together and could only bring 3 records with you, what would they be?", and ask what genres you like/dislike. We choose music to compliment the overall feeling of your wedding and build from there. 

If I want vows and/or speeches covered, what's the process like since its not included in the film? Emily will create a separate video for you, unedited, without music. Plain + simple. The vows and speeches will be delivered alongside your film+photos. 

Do I receive a hard copy of my wedding film? Digital age baby! Once you reach the 2 month married mark, we will send you a link to download your wedding film. 

How many hours does she shoot for? Up to 9, just like your photographers. We roll together! 

What's required to reserve? 50% to book and 50% thirty days out.