People say that our wedding photos don't look like wedding photos, and we get it. We're not making you jump in the air or pose dramatically on a grand staircase - no cheese. We choose to work with people that appreciate photography as an art and give us the creative freedom to do our thing. It takes more than our fancy cameras and editing skills to do what we do. Its about trust and your willingness to be photographed. This is exactly why we give all of our couples a portrait session when they book us. Having this time with you two before your wedding makes all of the above possible. So please don't choose us if you want typical posed wedding photos, choose us because you want art. 

Thank You. 

Awarded 30 Rising Stars by Rangefinder Magazine: 



A Full Day - Big Shebang Wedding comes with up to 9 hours of consecutive coverage. What does "up to" mean?  It means this: We want to tell a story from beginning to end., starting with the anticipation of getting ready up 'til everyone is a bit slushy (but not too slushy) and dancing. This tends to happen somewhere between the 8th and 9th hour when the tequila kicks in. Once we got it and we feel complete, we put our cameras away and join the dance party.  A portrait session is our gift to you which includes a print of your choice. The sole purpose of this shoot is to get to know you two and for both of you to gain comfort with being photographed so there are no awkward "how do we do this?" moments on your wedding day. And because, hey, we want to know who's wedding were photographing. So really, it's a chance for us to hang, get the feels of you two, and create some great photos together. Come wedding day, you won't even feel our cameras. 

2 months after your wedding date, all of your photographs will be delivered in an online gallery for you to download. Hi-res, no watermarking, the photos are yours to keep, share, and print as you wish.

International + Destination Weddings  We are well-traveled and ready to go.  All of our destination packages include our travel costs so it's one, flat rate.

City Hall, Elopements, and Intimate Weddings Yes and Yes. Typically you will only need one lead photographer for a few hours. We got you and are happy to be your witness if need be.

Gifyyy:  Gifyyy creates animated GIFs and can be set up anywhere in your venue. No backdrops, no props, all digital, and it only takes up 3x3 feet of space. Details are here!

Lit Lounge is dual toned colored light mini portrait studio set up for your guests..and of course..you. More on this here.

35mm Film Coverage:  Excuse me, did you say film? YES PLEASE. We grew up shooting film so its dear to our hearts. Manipulated 35mm + Polaroid film are our jam. We are always happy to shoot a few rolls - just let us know what kind you're drawn to. We have lots of samples here. 

Prints:  Please print your photos because they are supposed to be held, adored, and passed down to the next generation. Isn't that the whole purpose of why we do what we do? (the answer is yes) Prints are available for purchase in your online gallery from a very nice lab that we have hand selected, or you can have them printed at your preferred professional lab, your choice. 

Fancy Albums : We've spent the past 9 years looking for an album company that cares as much about the printing as the photographer cares about the picture and we found them. Our Fancy Albums are a la carte starting at $800, and the quality is beautiful. We have options from linen to leather. 

Great Questions

How long have you been shooting weddings and how many have you done? 9 years baby and honestly, we lost count. Lets just say LOADS.  We do limit ourselves to 20 weddings per year, per photographer to prevent burnout and we gotta say, it's working quite nicely. 

What should we look for in a wedding photographer?  Experience, consistency, high quality products, professionalism, and that you vibe well. We don't shoot weddings because they are fun and pretty. We take our role in encapsulating your memories very seriously with a full heart and are always pushing ourselves to become better. We know that the photos we take for you will live on for generations so we work hard for it. Photographing weddings is not easy. It takes a lot of calm under pressure, creativity, and confidence in difficult situations such as lighting, rain plans, crazy people, the list goes on.. 

Can we see a full wedding?  Heck Yes! We highly recommend viewing a full gallery or two of any photographer you are considering; to get a full feel of what you’re going to receive from beginning to end. 

How can we book you?  First, we want to meet you at our Brooklyn studio or Facetime if you're far away.  If you like us and we like you, then let's do this!  We require a 50% deposit to lock us down with a signed contract, the final balance will be due 30 days before your wedding.  There are instances where we have multiple couples with the same date courting us at the same time. In this case, we will fairly meet with everyone before sending out a contract. 

How many photos can we expect for a full wedding day?  600+

Do you take formal family photos?  Of course. Your families coming together to unite is what this is all about. As your wedding day approaches we will ask you for a list of vip’s to make sure we get them photographed with you in a very organized, quick manner so you can all get back to celebrating.

What exactly is this “Manipulated 35 mm film?” that you offer?  Oh boy ..we love film. A lot. And we like to mess with it. A lot. Our digital photos are already edited by us to emulate a film tone and grain, so when we get our hands on actual film we like to have fun with it to give you something really special that has a totally different feel . We create our own textures, color, leaks, and double exposed recipes by hand, using our stash of beloved, discontinued films, so no roll of film is the same.

Can we exchange the portrait session for the photos of rehearsal dinner or welcome party?  The whole reason for your portrait session is to get to know you two and to gets you comfortable in front of our cameras before your wedding. It is incredibly valuable for all of us, especially if you’re not used to being photographed. This session completely dissolves these awkward feelings so that on your wedding day, you don’t feel us in the room. For us, this session shows how you two interact with each other and what it’s like to photograph you. We like to know our couples, we don’t want to photograph a stranger’s wedding, and because of this we do not allow for it to be exchanged.

What are your travel fees?  We travel enough to know how much our weekends away from home costs, so we have built our travel fees into our packages as one flat rate.

Is every single photo edited? And what does “edited’ mean?  One by one, each image is carefully edited and run through twice. For us, “editing” means to go through all of your photos and choose the best ones, discarding the double chin, blinky-eyed photos and then processing them in our signature CMP tone and style that you see in our work. Most commonly you will receive a greater portion of color photos, sprinkled with some b&w. If you especially love b&w, please mention this and we will give you more.

How can we share our photos with family + friends and what if I don’t want to share specific, private photos?  Before you share the gallery with everyone else, you will be able to mark any image you like as “private’. Those images will still appear for you, but when you share the gallery with your friends + family those private images will be hidden. Amazing, right?!  Once you have shared your gallery, anyone with access can download and purchase prints from the shopping cart.  The print lab that we chose to partner with makes really beautiful prints, we back them 100%. However, you may get your photos printed wherever you choose. If you would like to see a sample gallery, just ask.

How would you describe your shooting style?  Emotive, poetic, genuine, documentary style with a dose of non-traditional portraiture while having a damn good time. There is really only one small part of the day when we have you all to ourselves to create some of just the two of you. 

Do you offer video?  Yep. Check it here. 

What’s a “First Look “and should we do it?”  Look, we had never heard of this either until we became wedding photographers. A First Look is when the two of you see each other before the wedding, alone. It’s like walking down the aisle, but without the crowd. We scout a nice place for you to meet and we guide you to each other naturally, so it doesn’t feel staged, and we position ourselves away from you so we’re not intruding on this moment, clicking our cameras from a distance. No tapping on the shoulder, no peek-a-boo. Just go say hi. Hug. Make-Out. Hold each other. Relax. Get some butterflies calmed. This is a choice that we want you to make for yourselves. So please do what feels right to you. It makes no difference to us.  The main reason couples are choosing this is so they can get all of their portraits and family photos taken care of before the ceremony, allowing them to immediately celebrate with everyone and to not be pulled away from cocktail hour to take photos, which can easily take up the entire hour. If you decide to go the traditional route, we do suggest having an extended Cocktail Hour. This way you can enjoy the first half, then we will take you away for portraits and family photos for the last 30-60 min depending on light, location, family size etc.