Awkward portraits are not our thing.  

No props, no jumping, nothing forced. No cheesy "engagement photos" on the Brooklyn Bridge with ten other couples lined up for the exact same photo.

It’s about you two. Thats it.

So we've put together this guide on what to expect, how to schedule, what to wear, what to do with your hands, and how to work with us to create amazing images together.


The sole purpose of this session is to gain an intimate understanding of you two as a couple and for you to get comfortable in front of our cameras because lets face it - most people don’t like their photos being taken. This session is about unraveling that feeling. It takes a little time, but by the end of it, we promise that you will be more relaxed in front of the camera and will have a better understanding on how we shoot. In return, we gain a more intimate knowledge of what your vibe as a couple is, and what is like to photograph you.

This takes more than us directing you. You must also take part. This is a collaboration on making artful portraits together. Be willing, be yourselves, be vulnerable, and hold onto each other the way you always do while we take care of finding the best light and angles.


We like start in your nyc/bk/queens home because it's where you are the most comfortable. It showcases your lifestyle, tastes, art, and music. We want to get a peek into your lives and honor the place you two lived in when you got married. After spending time and shooting in your home, we then head out onto your rooftop or hit the streets you know so well. These photos are about your New York, your hood, your favorite local hang-outs. This isn’t about about posing you in front of major landmarks in the city, however, if you have a special spot that has meaning to you, we’re all in.

If you wanna get out for something different - we are open for going outside of the city to wide open, desolate places - like the Rockaways and the fields surrounding it. If you're down, were down.  

If you have a snowy winter shoot in mind, were going to be real with you here. It's cold, wet, and after 10 minutes, it gets very uncomfortable, fast. Noses start running, cheeks are bright red, eyes are watering, and our cameras literally start freezing up. So anything below 40 degrees, we're staying in your place for a cozy 100% indoor session!

We will spend between 1.5-2 hours shooting depending on where we go and what the weather decides. We typically show up during the final 2-3 hours of the day when light is at it's prime, and in the winter, much earlier in the day.

Schedule with us whenever you want. Could be a year out from your wedding, could be a week out. Most of our portrait session are scheduled during the week and while we understand that scheduling on weekends is ideal for most, we are likely shooting a wedding so it’s tricky! In the summer months, we have plenty of natural light in the evenings (til 8pm) so we can always start at 5/6pm, and were also very into doing nighttime shoots. See a post here on that (scroll way down!). You can schedule yourself using our online scheduler. If nothing works, hit us up so we can see where to work you in.

Hands. Lets talk about it. Why do we always wonder what the heck to do with our hands in pictures? We don't think about it when we're in conversation with others or when we're alone. Let them dangle free, hide in your pockets, fall into your lap, or hold the hand of your love. Your hands have a mind of their own - ignore them!

When it comes to clothes, we want you to feel confident and comfortable, so dress like yourself and if you want to dress up, then by all means, go for it.

Pets are always welcome and captured with you in your home. But once we go outside, its best to leave them back so we can focus on you two and not have you tied to a leash... literally. 

The scheduling calendar below is only for the use of our booked wedding clients. For new inquires, please head over here to get started. 

Please choose a start time with your photographer and assume that we will be spending 2-3 hours together.