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Photographs are not for now, they are for later.

For years to come at family gatherings, for showing your children, for reminiscing and sharing memories of days past. This is what photographs are for, and this is why having them printed matters. 

We hope that what we create for you ends up in a physical form of a memory that you can touch and feel.  

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Fancy Wedding Albums

Lay-flat design printed on thick, archival paper. 

The following album prices include 20 spreads (40 pages) which holds 100 photos. You may purchase additional spreads - up to 40 max (80 pages total) 

Additional Spreads: $15 each 

Your own custom font design $75 per line - email us for instructions or we can do the design work for you in the font of your choice  - $250 each 

Fabric - Linen - Leather- Lux or Distressed Leather

10x8  $800  $900  $1000  $1200

10x10  $900 $1150  $1250  $1350

12x9  $950  $1200  $1300  $1400

12x12  $1150  $1300  $1400  $1500

Full payment + tax + shipping are due at time of order. No refunds or exchanges once the album has been approved by you and sent off for printing + binding. 

Swatches + Fonts

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