When a couple comes to us and says they're having a tiki wedding in Brooklyn at a pizza joint and they'd like us to photograph it, there's no doubt in our minds we won't instantly fall in love with them.  We had a chance to meet up with Kim and Tom at The Flying Lobster in Carroll Gardens one hot summer day, before shooting their engagement session.  Neil Ganic, the chef and owner famous for throwing a lobster at one of his guests, was unbelievably kind and let us into the watering hole before they were even opened.  After that, we moseyed through block parties, freeway exits, and the sparsely populated streets of Red Hook, cracking up while capturing their hilarity in action.  They were also adamant about us shooting both digital and film, so we brought our polaroid, Minolta, and brownie to play hot potato with.  Thanks for such an amazing and amusing afternoon!  We can't wait to take your pictures and slow dance to Les Baxter at your wedding this October.