Often times couples think there are rules to weddings (cannot see groom before hand, must throw garter, cannot be seen as a couple until the grand entrance), but I believe there should only be one rule: Do What Makes You Happy.

Opting for a First Look is a personal favorite of ours for so many reasons. It allows the bride & groom to see eachother for the first time in a private setting and to actually be able to embrace and have a moment alone to take it all in...while we photograph it.

I imagine it feels like a pact...." Lets DO This"..

Besides the sweetness from all of the above, it also allows us to move forward after the First Look to take some great shots of the two of them alone..then move on to the wedding party photos and family formals before the ceremony begins, allowing the newlyweds to walk down the isle as husband and wife to go celebrate with their family & friends without interruption.

I would love to share this quote from the great nyc wedding planner Roey Mizrahi:

"I sometimes have clients who have hesitation when it comes to deciding whether they want to have a "first look" moment prior to the ceremony. Their caution usually stems from the notion that they imagine a "first look" moment will in some way take away from the traditional moment that occurs when a bride walks down the aisle towards her groom. I try and explain that the moment of walking down the aisle is one that cannot be replicated and the emotions that arise in that moment will always remain. Even if your groom has seen you prior to the ceremony, that is the first time and only time he's seen you walk down the aisle. So it still remains to be a first.  A "first look" is merely another moment you get to experience together, an opportunity to embrace one another in an intimate private setting and allow you take it all in and to lend support to each other over all the hard work and preparation that has brought you to this special day. Don't think of it as going against the tradition of seeing each other for the first time at the altar, think of it as creating a new tradition for yourselves."

 No matter what our couples choose to do, it makes no difference to the quality of photos we take. We simply wanted to share the benefits and a few favorites from this year so far..