Matt and Inese are Love & You Video, a camera slingin' hubby/wife duo that specialize in wedding videography.  We have shot many weddings with them over the years and have become good friends.  When it came time for Chellise and I to make a video for our website, they were the obvious choice, so we convinced them to a barter of shooting each other.  They made us feel so at ease with this nerve wrecking filming process, and ended up providing us with exactly what we were looking for.  


In return, big thanks, and in fun, we met up at Patina Vintage Rentals in Bushwick to shoot this handsome prodigy and his Latvian queen, before they pack their bags and move west.  It was fantastic to shoot folks who are normally on the other side of the camera.  They worked it, and I can't say enough about how great they are.  Though they will be moving to California, fear not, their super talents and fresh ideas will still be available to New York.