Sometimes our work takes us to amazing places, like Jamaica. During our stay in Montego Bay for a wedding we shot, we took mini sail in the Atlantic ocean. The young captain asked if we were going anywhere else during our stay and we replied "Negril". He said... Oooooooh.. Negriiiiiiil.. das me hometown..da water dere is bluer dan dis here!" I could not even imagine this to be true because where we were at that time had the most incredible turquoise blue water that I had ever seen in my life. 

When we arrived in Negril a few days later the sun was just setting and we were welcomed by the most incredible scene I had ever laid eyes on. It felt like I had walked into a magical place that only a child's imagination could produce. I was frozen and floating at the same time in awe of it's beauty. Mike + I looked at each other and without words said " Are we this real?" We went straight to bed because we couldnt wait to wake up the next day to explore and adventure. We woke at 6am everyday and jumped into the warm, soft, sweet Atlantic Ocean. Our resort was incredible, and it was sometimes hard to leave the never ending access to hammocks, but we were eager to venture off by foot and random taxi.

The Jamaicans are the richest people we've ever met. They may not have big houses, new cars, and iPhones, but what they do have is the richest hearts, soil, land, and vibes I've ever seen and felt. Jamaica is Heaven and the Rastafarian's are angels. We cant wait to go back...

Here is a mixture of images taken from my Canon Mark iii and our iPhones... we hope it makes you feel like you are there with us..

Chellise + Mike