Ladies, We've all said it: "All The Hot Ones Are Gay".... ok well, not ALL of them.. but.. a lot of them.. ok.. most of them..:) 

Meet Noa + Ross. My absolute-favorite-insanely-ridiculously-gorgeous-gay couple. Not only are they easy on the eyes but they are crazy fun, successful, smart, truly genuine, in love, and going strong for almost 3 years. 

Mike + I had been dying to photograph them and we finally made it happen. When I asked Ross what kind of location they wanted he said 'urban". Being such city boys, I was super excited to drag them over and show them Brooklyn, on foot.  So not only were we getting them out of the city which normally includes a bit of hair pulling, but we photographed them in our very own neighborhood, in all of our secret spots.

Here's to RoNo..