For a moment, compare love and marriage to the nights sky and all its wonder. We all yearn to know it more, to understand it, and to find our loves spiritual star that we would like to spend the rest of our lives with. Its bigger than any of us could ever comprehend but then there are times when the nights sky doesn't seem all that big. We feel our connection to it. Rather, what if we are all stars ourselves? Looking for our missing star that gravity along with the law of attraction will unite us with, so we may live our days holding each others rays and sipping each other's light. 

As children, we look up with wonder to the nights sky and ask, "Who will I marry?" "Which star is for me?" 

For Kerry it is Max, and for Max it is Kerry. Two of our dear friends. 

We love you with all of our hearts and want to thank you for being you and for inviting us into your lives. 

Chellise + Mike 

Wedding shot by Daniel - Day after shoot by Chellise + Mike..