It all started with a strong desire, as most things do. We wanted to go away to the woods with our cameras and get out of the city. We wanted to break up our routine of shooting for others, and just take pictures for ourselves. We wanted to explore and experiment. We wanted to bring photographers together, and learn from one another. Through all this, we wanted to keep it intimate. And so we did… and we called it Camp Go Away.

We partnered with Cedar Lakes Estate as our home base. A sprawling 600 acre property in upstate New York that made it feel more like glamping then camping, with their plush modern cottages and their Americana cabins. It's family owned and they truly put their hearts into every detail. 

Our very own Daniel who moonlights at Fotocare and Brandon from Fuji also joined. They generously donated a feast of film, cameras, lenses, and equipment for all of us to play with. From Fuji FP-100c film, to my latest obsession, the Fuji Instax Mini 90, which takes crisp double exposure instant photos. We can't thank Daniel and Brandon enough for contributing so much to our little idea. You two made this whole experience unforgettable and we are forever grateful to you both. 

With 18 campers in all, we each gravitated towards our curiosities and delved right into the armory of film and equipment. There was no holding us back. The abundance and luxury of time and material was overwhelming in the most exciting way. No matter what elements came, be it heavy rains or dreary fog, we embraced the conditions and shot our little hearts out.  It was so fascinating to see all the different eyes at work, and how unique everyone's photos turned out to be. I truly feel that we all left with a greater sense of who we are as individual photographers, and how we can incorporate what we learned from one another, just by being in the same place, doing the same things, at the same time.

So here's a peek into those 3 days. Below is a bunch of mixed digital photos from myself, Mike and Daniel, edited in VSCO using Fuji FP-100C++AH filter followed by some selects of the entire groups shared instant Fuji photos. 

If you missed this one, have no fear. There are many more Camp Go Aways to come. Follow CGA on Instagram, or Facebook for updates, and we hope to share as magical a time with you in the future as we had with our first incarnation of this glorious tradition in the making.