Dani and Dave are a powerful multi-talented duo, a musician and a photographer.. but saying that even cuts them short.  Dave is an insanely well versed sound engineer and runs a successful recording studio.  On top of that, he can’t stop touring with his band due to demand (a good problem to have for any musician).  Dani runs a photography business and is in charge of all visual productions for Dave’s group (a full-time job in itself).  They are with each other constantly, working, living and touring.  But this doesn’t slow their love down.  If anything, the time they spend together solidifies their cosmic kismet.  It’s so easy to see in the way they look at each other.  The proof is in the pudding below… so much love and respect.



Here's the film | Minolta SRT 101.  Portra 400.  Double Exposed.