They love big plants on top of old dirty ladders.  They have two cats and a record collection.  The kind of apartment that makes you want to stay a while.  I was welcomed in and started shaking hands with all these elements.  Then we started shooting.  We made fun of cheesy poses and I made them try to do them without laughing.  We got the cats involved while listening to music of Senegal.  Then we took to the roof, a vast expanse taking flight over the mellow Brooklyn skyline.  Beers for the boys and sparkling for the lady.  It was getting dark, so we started our walk over to Pratt as the light was fading.  Meandering around, we stumbled into the campus chapel where unexpectedly, we broke into song.  Chris manned the piano, I started singing and Lindsay slung harmony's with a confident ease.  We took our bow in the sculpture garden, and I cabbed it home.  If every day was like this, I wouldn't know what this one felt like.