Nothing was certain… well, I take that back.  The only certainties we owned were the fact that it was going to rain, and that we were going to take pictures of Janet and Scott.  They met us on 21st and 8th and we headed north in the direction of their favorite picnic spot off the Hudson River. Their dog Jasmine lay quiet and happy, committing small chunks of time to each of our laps throughout the drive.  We shot up to Beacon first and stopped at the discovery of an old abandoned building.  No rain, so we snuck through the fence and began shooting. We continued on to Cold Spring, but again, all came to a halt at the site of an abandoned mansion off the side of the road. Still no rain. So, like some modern day camera toting Magellans, we started exploring the estate. This time, Jasmine stayed in the car.  For our last act, at their favorite spot, the sky turned grey and orange as we snapped a few last shots. The sky was on fire as the water came down during the quiet drive home, all of us reflecting on our magical afternoon together.