Like a boomerang - but nicer.

unlimited GIFs all night long.

$600 for weddings


It Works Like This..

We place our Gifyyy somewhere in the room during cocktail hour. A glowing "TOUCH ME" is illuminated on the Gifyyy iPad and gets the best of your guests curiosity ... before they know it, they have created SO MANY boomerang GIFs and have lost their place in the line at the bar, but that ok because it's an open bar so who's complaining?  After each GIF they create, Gifyyy prompts them to enter their phone number and their GIF is instantly delivered to them via text. . They can then save, email, and share on Instagram + FB. 

And the best part is you get them all the very next day in an online gallery. 


What makes Gifyyy a good fit for my event?

  • Its approachable, guest controlled and the instructions are clearly displayed on the iPad. All they need to do is touch the screen and Gifyyy prompts them with "Are you ready? ..1...2...3...go!" - snaps them in GIF awe, immediately plays it back, and invites them to make another... and another.. and another.. and they do. 

  • It's portable, so we can bring it to any kind of event, small spaces, even outdoors. 

  • It's fun and quick - no sluggish countdown or printing involved. Guests can get their Gifyyy on during cocktail hour and between dance sets. 

  • Slender design is non obtrusive, modern, and sleeeeeek! The ring light is also dimmer controlled so it can be adjusted for brightness. 

  • No real time limit for wedding packages. Gifyyy turns on during your cocktail hour and stays on til your photographer is all done shooting for the night. 

Is Gifyyy a photo booth? Is it enclosed?

Nope. it’s not an enclosed booth like a traditional photo booth.  It features an open-air design.  We designed it this way for a few reasons:  a) it actually looks good, and b) people like crowding around to be a part of it.

How much space does Gifyyy need and whats required to make it work? 

Gifyyy only drinks Skinny Girl Margaritas, so she’s tiny! About 3x3 feet.  We’d suggest a 10x10 area so people can it back up to comfortably use it. All we need is an electrical outlet to plug her into. We have a very long grey extension cord if needed and for outdoor events, we could run her on a battery upon request. WiFi is needed (usually provided by the venue) but not necessary. A no WiFi scenario is Gifyyy runs like usual, but the GIFs won't go to your guests cell phones until the next day when we connect Gifyyy to WiFi and push them. So then your guests would get them the following day at brunch and laugh their butts off. 

What about props?

No props needed but hey - you’re welcome to bring your own assortment of props or a backdrop. We do not recommend an illuminated backdrop cuz the light from gifyyy will cancel it out!

Is there any way to offer our guests some kind of print, like traditional photo booths?

Nope - sorry Charlie! GIFs live on the internet only. Like little robotic memories. 

How can I access all of the animated files after an event?

The very next day, we will send you an online gallery of ALL THE GIFS EVERYONE MADE to enjoy them over Bloody Mary’s and pancakes. You’ll have your own unique web-link available for at 6 months after your event of all the GIFs made. 

Is there any way to remove a specific GIF from the gallery?

Oh Yeeeeah! Just email us to remove it and act like it never happened…

Can I download the digital files after my event?

Yep - we can send you a zip file of all your gifs upon request before the gallery expires. hit us up!

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