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Delaine & Mike


We're done for. Out. Goners. COME ON, CHELLISE. These are officially the greatest wedding photos I've ever seen. I cried several times, swore a lot, Mike laughed loud enough to scare Stanley-- we have officially realized the full circle of the purest joy. Thank you for taking the greatest pictures of our friends and family. Thank you for being so *expletive* fun to hang with on a wedding day. Thank you for these pieces of art. Thank you for being there. We love you with all our hearts!!

Lisa & Eugene

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Just so so good. I honestly can’t say anything more than that and thank you a million times over!!


Mate those photos are sic!!! So so so stoked, honestly going through them took us right back to our wedding day. You captured it perfectly mate you are a true artist. Thank you again mate Steph and I couldn’t be happier. #loveyousomuch

Kara & Austin

Austin and I just wanted to send the biggest thank you for absolutely killing it at our wedding last weekend! We loved your energy and really appreciated your ability to manage our tight schedule, makeup artist's hovering tendencies, and ill-timed family requests (cough cough, my brother who wanted a LinkedIn photo in the middle of our portrait session

So many of our guests have said "we assumed Mike was your friend because of how comfortable he was with everyone" or "Mike was so much fun, we loved his dance moves." One of my favorite moments was looking over and seeing my college BFF (the one in the amazing dress) doing her own personal photoshoot with you. It's clear that you were different from everyone's typical experience of a wedding photographer, which is what we wanted—we couldn't be happier with how it all went down. Thanks for being such a great addition to our party 


OMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! I'm shaking with excitement! These look so incredible, you guys! AH!


You two are the f*%king best! The highlight of the wedding could be Mike spitting Wu-Tang lyrics.. 


OMG dudes Laura and I are both speechless and in tears (well I am at least). thank you, they're absolutely gorgeous and we couldn't be happier. you're the best!


We don't even know where to begin.  We are BLOWN away. We have been looking at the photos nonstop since you sent them and each time we find a new photo that quickly becomes our favorite.  THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you for capturing all our special moments. As I mentioned earlier, our guests have continually called or texted us to tell us how great they thought you and Mike were. We feel so lucky that we got to share our special day with you


WOW. JUST WOW. It has taken me all day to go through these. Thank you so much for such a wonderful batch. I have so many feels!

1. I can't believe that was our weird crazy wedding. It looks so fun! I want to go to there.

2. I love how awkward our family is. On camera and off.

3. The museum backyard pics are so freaking cool.

4. Dance cam on point.



And the film shots are sooooo dope!! Gahhhh. Our faces are melting.


Holy. Shit. That’s all I have for now. Thank you god and goddess of the lens!!


OH MY GOD. I have just been looking and relooking for hours. This are absolutely incredible. It really brings us back to that crazy day and even crazier party.



I cannot begin to express how these photos make me feel. Each one looks like an oil painting, or like a still out of an incredible film. They bring me right back. The moments you captured are so special -- just perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you for immortalizing these memories.


From a fellow photographer --- you've got an amazing eye. From two fellow humans who hate having their photos taken, you work is magnificent. Thank you for making us look so great and capturing all that love. 


Seriously no words. These are amazing!! Gah!


Thank you SO much these pics are ON POINT! You killed it, as we knew you would. So awesome to see all the great moments you captured, especially since Stacey and I barely remember the night! Thank you thank you again, we’re thrilled with these. 


Wow, these really are amazing.  Thank you so much for capturing the day in such a fun, beautiful, and creative way!  I'm sure you hear this all the time but I felt like I just re-lived the day! I LOVE the photos of Jon getting ready. I don't know exactly why but seeing those made me weirdly happy.  And every photo of Buster (obviously). I love seeing all the photos of everyone having a good time as that is really what we wanted the most. I also love all the small things that you caught, like the randoms watching the ceremony, the other bridal party we ran into, Trapper giving Jon bunny ears, extreme dancing to Madonna, etc. etc. etc....  Anyway, I could go on and on, but really great work. I am sure that we will be forever thankful that we chose you and Mike to fix our memories into tangible form.


We LOVE the photos, they are gorgeous. I can't stop clicking through! You guys really captured some special moments, especially of the kids. So many amazing photos of her. I'm trying to make an album for Facebook and there are TO MANY AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHS!!!!  Gotta be ruthless. We are SO glad you and Mike were part of our wedding! :)


These photos are AMAZING!  I love how they captured all of the fun/laughter/emotion of the day.  You did such a beautiful and artistic job.  Chris and I aren't even close to that beautiful so you worked some real magic day of for us ;)  Thanks for being such a pro and letting us have great wedding photos for the rest of our lives.  Can't thank you enough for that gift. 


We are beyond thrilled with these photos, and cannot thank you enough! They are even better than what we were hoping for. The reception looks like even more fun than we remember (although that's somewhat vague, especially towards the end!).  St. Bart's, Monkey Bar, and all of our guests look so great and happy. We especially love the portraits at Monkey Bar before the ceremony, so you really made the lousy weather work in our favor, ha! 


Firstly, the pictures are ridiculously amazing and a testament to how incredibly talented you guys are. Shay and I have honestly gone through the album a hundred times and of course shared with everyone we know as well as people we don't know.  The entire experience working with everyone has been awesome and we can't express our gratitude enough. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!


I cannot even begin to tell you how IN LOVE I am with our pictures. You two are absolutely incredible!! I knew they would be wonderful given your other shots I had seen, but wow! Completely exceeded my expectations! You captured the feeling of the entire day and took us right back to it all with your amazing photos. My family adored you both and I truly cannot thank you enough for everything! 


Not sure where Mike and I should begin thanking CMP for such an amazing wedding experience. You helped us get some great shots (at least from what we saw so far!), you calmed us down, and you were a blast to celebrate with. Our guests were even commenting on how wonderful you were! Thank you again for making our day so memorable. We will now commence recommending you to anyone and everyone who will listen.


We decided we have to kiss you both to really convey how amazing these all came out.  There are just no words.

So many















These photos are INSANE!!!!!!  There are no words!!!!!!!!! You two are truly the best at what you do and the way you see things is on another level!!!!  More to come soon. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I am blown away by the magic of these images.  You captured all the love, happiness, and hilarity that is TEAM PANDA!  You kept Jon and I laughing the whole time with your shenaniganist spirits and it was just what we needed to feel comfy in front of the cameras.  

I love every one of these photos.  

It is an honor to call the both of you friends now. 


We just finishes watching the photos and perhaps we are biased, but these are the most incredible wedding photos we've ever seen and brought butterflies goosebumps and even a few tears as we relived the day. As you can imagine, the wedding day was a whirlwind day, but seeing these really helped recreate the day for us. You captured the essence of everything we wanted to portray. We can't thank you enough for all the care and thought you all put into these. We will be forever grateful.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 


As a graphic designer, the most important thing to me about my wedding was the photography. I honestly don't remember how I came across their website, but I immediately fell in love with their style. Then I watched their "hello" section video and stopped looking.The engagement shoot was a wonderful chance to get to know them and for them to warm us up in front of the camera - which neither my husband or I are comfortable in front of. They were easy to get a hold of before the big day and extremely helpful with questions and concerns.

The day itself was chaotic, but I felt like Chellise and Michael were there leading us through it all unscathed. They kept a calm around us and we just had fun with the day. They were extremely professional and it was an added bonus that on top of that, I actually felt like they enjoyed the day more so than they were there just doing their job.

Chellise and Michael exceeded every expectation I had for the day and the photos. I can't recommend them enough. 


Chellise and Mike are the best! My husband is a photographer so finding like-minded artists to capture our day was the most important element of our wedding. Before we even met with Mike and Chellise, we fell in love with the documentary style of their work and their attention to texture, architecture, and sunlight.Having an engagement session (and a couple of drinks) together a few months before our wedding was a great way to get to know each other, so by the time our wedding rolled around, we were very comfortable with them. The moment they arrived on our wedding day, all my worries went out the window. Chellise and Mike are such wonderful presences and they kept us feeling calm in the hours leading up to our ceremony. It felt less like we were being photographed and more like we were spending time with good friends on this important day. By the end of the night we were all dancing together!

When we received our full portfolio of photographs, my husband and I spent a lot of time going through each photo and reliving our wedding day. There's such a wonderful mix of beautiful portraits, guest revelry, and the most moving and joyful moments of our ceremony. The whole portfolio really tells the story of our day and all of the happy moments and surprises. Chellise and Mike captured our friends and family so beautifully and we will treasure these photographs for years to come. 


We sought out Chellise and Michael based on other reviews on this site. We couldn't have been happier.  For example, a few days after our wedding Chellise sent us one photo ...and all I can say is, "wow, they really know what they are doing!"  Chellise was a very calming presence during the pre-wedding chaos and kept us on track to get amazing photos with all of our family (which took some coordinating).  I had complete trust in them to get great shots; it was the one thing I didn't have to worry about. A bonus: they are awesome. Highly recommend.


My husband and I contacted Chellise Michael while we started researching vendors and knew immediately after speaking with Chellise that they were it.  I found them searching "stop motion photography" in new york and Chellise was quick to offer incorporating that into our pictures. We schedule a call with 1 of our 2 photographers (Sarah Kuszelewicz and Daniel Orren) Daniel, and once again - hit it off.  I think what sets them apart is how easy and comfortable they all are to talk to, that is until we got our engagement the photography is what really sets them apart. Sarah met us on the Brooklyn waterfront and it was like hanging out with an old friend.  She took the time to get to know us and captured our personalities perfectly in the shots. We then got to meet Daniel the day of the wedding - equally awesome. We had a blast with them the day of the wedding - punctual, creative, attentive and fun. I can honestly say they made the day more special for us.  They're talented, good people that love their job. You really feel that working with them and of course see the talent in what they capture of the two of you. Highly recommend Chellise Michael - absolutely amazing job. Don't think twice - book them!


I am a happy, satisfied, enthusiastic, raving-fanatic, client of Chellise Michael.  When we first met with Chellise and Mike months ago, my fiance and I knew not only were they the perfect individuals to shoot our wedding, but somehow we needed to trick/force/cajole them into being friends with us.  They are the type of people that are so cool you would feel intimidated save for the fact that they are the nicest, warmest, most fun individuals... who are truly committed to giving you photographic evidence of the most important moments in your life!

Their work speaks for itself - you look at the pictures and think, "I want to BE those beautiful, happy, interesting people!"  Trust me, on a good day I am maybe half of one of those things... but just having received my engagement photos from them, I have never felt more beautiful, happy and interesting.  From looking at those pictures, there are 22-year-olds in my office that are wondering if it's weird to pre-book them for an engagement thats likely years off!

Do yourselves a favor and check out their work, meet them in person, and sign on the dotted line for what has been the best wedding decision I've made... save for saying "yes" to the most wonderful man I've ever known :)


Chellise Michael Photography was introduced to me through DJ Gatsby, whom I booked for my engagement party. I was looking for a photographer to come in and shoot the party and also do a quick engagement shoot with my fiance and I prior to the party. (We wanted some engagement photos, but wanted to tie it in with the engagement party.)

As I'm planning a destination wedding, and not everyone we know and love can attend, the engagement party was our change to get everyone in the same room to celebrate. We really wanted to capture all the fun moments: Family getting together for the first time in years, various friends meeting for the first time, and my fiance and I celebrating with our nearest and dearest.

Chellise Michael nailed it! She walked in a complete stranger and left a friend. During the two-hour engagement shoot she captured who we are. She got us being silly and spontaneous. I never felt uncomfortable or awkward. At the party she got all the fun moments of our friends and family. Seeing the photos brings me right back to the party! And she sent photos within days to us! Chellise seamlessly interacted with our guests. She captured the moments on film that we'll have for years to come. I highly recommend her for your parties, engagement shoots, weddings and more!


Chellise and Mike (her trusty FiFi and partner in awesomeness) were absolutely wonderful to work with. We found Chellise Michael Photography through a local site shortly after our engagement, and since we knew we wanted to do an e-shoot, it seemed like serendipity.

We were initially attracted to Chellise's work for her unique vision. She has a signature way of capturing color and movement. Somewhere between editorial and documentary in style, she inspires these really fashion-forward, gorgeous shots. It never looks or feels forced or too posed. It's just as if she captures these ephemeral and sparkly moments, and her subjects just happen to be standing or leaning in a really lovely way. CM's photographs are fresh and, at times, unexpected and surprising, which makes her and her work simply incredible.

Most importantly, Chellise and Mike are just awesome folks. Their photographs are a direct reflection of them as individual artists and as a couple...vivid and full of vitality. The moment they asked us if we'd ever been to Peking Duck House in Chinatown, we knew we found our match! We shared a chilly and fun few hours shooting around TriBeCa in December, and they graciously endured our wedding on the hottest day of the year in July. We're still in each other's phones, and I know I can always check in with Chellise for answers to any random questions, whether personal or professional.

CMP invites a certain intimacy out of couples, and it's evident that Chellise and Mike make shoots fun and personal above all. Without hesitation, we highly recommend Chellise Michael Photography for their personal professionalism and the quality of their work!!


If you want your wedding photos to be art rather than just a chronicle of your day, then look no further than Chellise and Michael. We reached out to them based on yelp and ended up having to do a skype consult because we live in Los Angeles. We loved their portfolio and they immediately understood the style we were going for. We ended up flying them out for an engagement shoot in Los Angeles and all I can say is wow - the photos were spectacular. We shot various locations and they managed to capture unique angles that really blew us away. The biggest problem with the shoot is we didn't know what to do with so many amazing photos of ourselves. They also captured some of the best shots of our dog to date. The best part though was we became friends with Chellise and Mike along the way, so it made the wedding day ten times more comfortable. They did an absolutely fantastic job shooting the day and captured some incredible moments in candid shots. If you want to have wedding shots that you could actually blow up and frame in your living room as art, these are the two for you. The only thing I'd suggest for any bride is to make sure to have a list of everyone you want photos with, and any specific locations you want captured. I didn't do this and when I looked through my photos I was wishing I had more, more, more of Chellise and Mike's work. Highly recommended.


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