We believe in love for all.

LGBTQ, all races, and egalitarian marriages.

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About Us

For the past 9 years, and thanks to our couples, we have been documenting the best damn weddings in nyc, brooklyn, upstate new york, and beyond. We enjoy being the “anti” of wedding photographers because we refuse to force our couples into doing cheesy things like dramatically pose on a spiraling staircase, jump in the air (is this still happening?), or kiss each other with a veil placed over both heads - please no. We feel extremely lucky to work with like-minded couples that see past the trends, rebel against the norm, and do things their own way.

How We Roll

The only way to tell a story through pictures is to feel it and to be a part of it, so its not uncommon to see us engaging with your guests and dropping it down low on the dance floor. We want to get in and we do. Our end goal is to capture the real moments with creative freedom to shoot how we want - lots of documentary style candids with a deep love for creative portraiture and of course - rowdy dance party pics. All you need to do is get married, sip champagne, and have a good time while we take care of documenting everyones memories (including the fuzzy ones).

Our Gift To You

Being photographed by someone you know is always better so we gift a portrait session to you before your wedding. It’s not an engagement shoot walking over the Brooklyn Bridge holding hands and balloons because that’s not real life. We shoot in your home, do a lap around your hood, and will definitely try to sneak on to the roof. The sole purpose of this session is to break the ice, take some snaps and get past the awkward camera in your face feeling. This time with you builds comfort - which makes for better photos. We promise.

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As artists, as photographers, we genuinely want to feel connected with what we create.

Emotion drives our work, so give us your willingness to be photographed, and we will give you our best. 


Chellise & Michael

Owners - Lead Photographers. And yes - you guessed it - we’re married.

Michael’s Portfolio

Chellise’s Portfolio


Danny’s Portfolio

Lead Photographer

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Emily’s Portfolio

Videographer + Lead Photographer

We frequently shoot weddings in Brooklyn, NYC, Philly, Hudson Valley, The Catskills, Tulum Mexico, and all over the States