"30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography"  

by Rangefinder Magazine

Chellise, Michael, and Falcon are a collective that have been shooting weddings for 8 years in NYC. We feel that your wedding photos shouldn't look or feel staged. We achieve this is by not asking you to do cheesy things like dramatically pose in a spiraling staircase and directing you to kiss with the veil placed over both your heads.... please no.

photo by Amy Frances

What we are there for is to capture the real feels with the creative freedom to shoot in a documentary style fashion. All you need to do is get on with your wedding and sip champagne while we take care of documenting your memories (including the fuzzy ones)....we got you. 

We are here to be a source of calm with cameras on your wedding day and to make you feel at ease. This is why we gift a portrait session before your wedding. Don't you dare think of it as a cliche "engagement shoot" walking over the Brooklyn Bridge holding hands and balloons because.. really? We like shoot in your home and do a lap around your hood or hang on your roof for a bit. Break the ice, get to know you two, take some snaps and get past the awkward camera in your face feeling. This time with you builds comfort and trust, and because of this, is what you see in our work. A connection.            

As artists, as photographers, we genuinely want to feel connected with who and what we create. Emotion drives our work, so give us your willingness to be photographed, and we will give you our best. 

Chellise & Michael

We frequently shoot weddings in Brooklyn, NYC, Hudson Valley, The Catskills, Tulum Mexico, and all over the States